The Pomona Swap Meet & the hood mascot

Hood Mascots

Pomona Swap Meet is one of our favorite car shows. You never know what you may find here. Take this classic Pontiac Hood Mascot sitting on a trailer waiting for the perfect find. Walking this show history is in the making along with a great photo of the Pontiac in all its rusted glory.  Check out our Pontiac Mascots at car-tografi and find the parts.

This weekend is the Budweiser presents August 26, 2017.

Pomona Swap Meet Concept Woodie

Drum Beat

This 1946 Chrysler Woodie was a 2003 Sema Concept Car

Pomona is always a great show. We almost missed this sweet classic Woodie. The classic car owner was standing nearby, what a great conversation we had, there is nothing better than meeting car enthusiast that define their ride with the cars history. This Woodie has a drum beat that was equal to the owner. Thanks for the car show notes, appreciated. You never know what you may find at the Pomona Swap Meet. Always worth the trip. Catch a few of the shows we have attended and as always, find a car show and enjoy the ride.

Pomona Ranchero

The Pomona Swap Meet August 13, 2017

Pomona was a great Sunday morning get-a-way. Picked up some great finds at the swap meet, including a new gas pump. The only Ranchero we came across at the show was in need of some serious love but still had the beaten up beauty we have come to enjoy with this classic truck. Check out the Ranchero, Ranchero Scripts and Ranchero Emblems and enjoy the ride.

Next Pomona Swap Meet October 15, 2017