Welcome to the new 65bbq

The story is the same. Falcons, Falcons, Falcons. With the introduction to the trailer site Car-tografi we can now focus on the Falcon/Ranchero storyline. This site is still the driving force for all things Falcon. CARSHOW PICS has been replaced with CarShow Gallery-breaking down the car show in a more creative page format. We have taken the the Ranchero and Falcon line-up into a new theater. Now you can take a look at all the photos of Rancheros and Falcons broken down by cars, emblems and signatures. We are giving notice to The Artist that enhance the car show circuit and showcasing contributors to the ’65 and the Blue Q.  Still the same, are the list of car shows we love in the contributors section. First feature car show is The Road Kings June 9th Show. We are slowing going to update past car show into the site-so look to CarShow News for those updates.

Thanks to all for keeping the 65bbq site up and growing into new ways to look at the car show. 

65bbq now has a trailer site. car-tografi a photographic journal of a carshow. This site is going to give a new venue for all the collected photos generated from the bbq site. Though this site we are going to produce a series of books and e books that showcase the ride from a collection point of view. Check out the new site at www.cartografi.com


 Photo Galleries may run as a slide show or single photo storyline. You can click on any picture for a larger view of photo. You can then use the arrows for a slide show of photos. Always changing up the view of the car shows so take a look at them often to catch something new.