Auctions America-Burbank

Auctions America August 1-3 2013 Burbank, California Covered on NBC

Checked out the Auctions America show yesterday. The crowd basically was there for the looking. It was free to get in on Friday but there is a $25. fee to park next to the venue and $10. to park and ride the shuttle + this weekend you have to pay to get in if you are not a bidder. Some complaints about the show from some I talked with. California is not the place for this kind of Auction. "In the south this would be a sell out" Well take note, $25. to valet your car? I attend a lot of the Pomona Swap Meet shows. $10. to park & $10. to get in and the place is packed before 6AM. Now I know this is an Auction first class, so I expect parking and entrance fees but if I am going to the show to check out the fine rides, you lost me at the parking lot. I can find some mighty fine rides at a car show for free. So keep the Auction and check out a car show this weekend, or watch the Auction on TV.

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