Beachcruiser Car Show 2014

The Beachcruiser Car Show was the perfect location to showcase the ride. With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop all the Woodies & classics lined-up along the ocean front and main street, with the pier as a backdrop making the trip to Huntington Beach worth the drive. Every car, especially the Woodies gave a look into the beach towns history. The '65 & The Blue Q loved the drive down to Huntington Beach with lots of thumbs up along the way. Still enjoy the reaction The Q gets when it tags along with the '65. Did not come across any Falcon/Ranchero bodies at the show so had a little extra fun with The Ranchero ghost flames blending into the skyline. Amazing how many people have stories about owning or wanting a 1965 Ranchero

Thanks BEACHCRUISERS loved the show. Look for CARSHOW pics this week.

REMINDER: One of the Woodies caught fire at the show-Had the fire extinguisher at the ready-So this is a reminder: Keep a fire extinguisher in your cars-you never know when you may need it. Catch the show this week until then-Catch an old show CARSHOW GALLERY