Pomona Swap Meet April 13, 2014 Photos

Pomona Swap Meet April 13, 2014. Big show with lots of traffic filling both the car side and the swap part of the car show.-Falcons & Rancheros were in abundance, considering there is usually one or two. If you need a restoration project there were a few good Rancheros & Falcons to choose from the rest look like part cars. Check out the Ranchero and Falcon section to keep up with the ride. CarShow Pics are in CarShow Gallery. Next Pomona Swap Meet  June 1, 2014

Lots of interest on the swap side of the show. Looking for a vintage gas pump, Gas Pump Rob was there with a nice selection, almost all the pumps were sold. Could this be a trend? Putting his trade in THE GARAGE section of the site if you want to check him out.

Found a new artist, Paul's Metal Werks, Paul creates 2nd chance art from parts in his metal works shop. You can get more info on Paul in THE ARTIST.

Big D as always has some interesting pieces. He has finally opened a shop called The American Antique Store, if you are looking for gas signs and vintage auto related pieces he is always located end row 22.

Big D '50's Vintage Sinclair Gasoline Sign

Big D '50's Vintage Sinclair Gasoline Sign

Big D assorted Tin Signs
Rare gas station part Big D

Pomona is a great show if you are looking to buy a car or find parts.