Picnic in the Park June 8, 2014

Picnic in the Park is this weekend.

The Rancheo and the Blue Q at Picnic in the Park Burbank, California

This is a top 3 favorite. Some car shows allow The Q, some don't. Not only do the Road Kings love the Q but The Ranchero and The Q won Fireman's Choice last year. This car show is on the lawn at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank, The Road Kings, one of the oldest car clubs in the country, put on a great charity breakfast, showcase live music, vendors and a raffle. This is the perfect setting for a car show. It's free, the cars are amazing and the weather should be almost as perfect as the car show. You can find The Ranchero and the Blue Q sitting on the hillside. Burgers and dogs at the ready. 

Road Kings Picnic in the Park June 8, 2014 Johnny Carson Park