Seeing Double

Seeing double at Cruisin' for a Cure.

Car Show Notes Photos: There are a lot of great photos that never make it to the bbq. Mainly background noise reflecting off the paint is the reason, indoor lighting can be a total photo buster and sometimes it's all the body parts bouncing off the chrome. This amazing Willys had way too much stuff going on behind it so it didn't make it into the car show line up for Cruisin' for a Cure Car Show Photos. After blurring the background you can still see a little of the background noise in the paint but the busy background that distracted from the ride has been removed to let the car shine.

Car Show Notes: a great opportunity to send out rides not shown on the site while giving out updates on what's happening at The Ranchero & the Blue Q. Catch the rides and sign up. For more info click here.