Car Show: Pomona

Pomona Swap Meet June 7, 2015

Pomona Swap Meet Jaguar Steering Wheel June 7, 2015

Pomona Swap Meet Jaguar Steering Wheel June 7, 2015

The Pomona Swap Meet was crazy cool. Last show was a bust with the threat of bad weather, the rides and the vendors stayed home. For some reason it was easier to get into the parking lot. Usually by 6:00 the line to get in is a long, long wait, you pay and then they stream you into 2 lanes. Not so bad today, also the actual getting into the show was faster. Maybe they are trying to figure it out. Finally. Compared to the last show, today they let the sunshine in, it was already a packed house at 6:30. The parking lot was full of bugs as you entered. VW Vans, bugs, and a few selected what is that, took over the first parking lot. Haven't seen this many cars in a while at the show, nice to see the crowd so early in the morning. Came across a few Rancheros in the crowded pack. Only one stood out but any time we see a Ranchero it is always a good day. A lot of the usual suspects in the back row of perfection brought their rides out to Pomona. The line-up was awesome, most of the cars had their windows down giving the camera a chance to catch the steering wheels. If you love steering wheels car-tografi has a great selection from all the shows here at the 65.  Classics in crisis were in abundance, sitting on their trailers, nothing as beautiful as a car waiting for someone to love it, unfortunately most are just broken down for parts.

It was a full house at Pomona. So many cars, so little time.

Look for photos of the show sometime around Wednesday June 10, 2015.

Swap Meet Notes: Big D has moved to row 23 space 59. Always enjoy looking at his vintage pieces. His store Americana Antique Store is located on Crenshaw Blvd. Stopped by to check out Rusted Gold, they have a new line of bars. Perfect for a smaller space. Check them out here for more information.

Overall this was one of the best Pomona Swap Meets in a long time. Catch the show if you can. Get there early. Next show August 9, 2015