Jeff's Fun Run January 16, 2015

Jeff's Fun Run was very well organized.

The fun run starts at Ken Gordy Ford at 8:30 AM. The first ride takes us to Hot Rods & Hobbies in Signal Hill followed by a trip to Richard's Wheel & Chassis, then on to The Detailing Pros in Huntington Beach. Next is Curtis Speed Wheels in Orange with the finish at Chopit Kustom in Stanton. At each stop all the rides work on a poker hand with the best hand winning prizes at the final destination. This was a well run car show with bbq and bean at the final car show point where all the rides lined-up and the car show began. The best part of the show was passing all the rides as we travel to each destination. Our hand 8D 8C JS JC 5D. Unfortunately not a winning hand but it was worth the drive and the rides where amazing. Look for Jeff's Fun Run photos and a little bit of information on all the cool stops next week.

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Tomorrow, Pomona Swap Meet.

For a quick over-view of the 2013 show here.