Grand National Roadster Show

The GNRS started today.

The Grand National Roaster Show got off to a great start. The weather was perfect. Looks like rain on Sunday, so if you have not gone already, tomorrow may be a great day to attend. Here is a little bit of information on the show if you still plan to go to the Fairplex. Start at the NHRA, this is a great museum and should not be missed. It houses an abundance of information on the So. Cal. auto-racing history, along with some amazing race cars, memorabilia and historical displays-this is a must see when attending the show. The Grand Nationals on Saturday will showcase the outside venue with the 10th annual GNRS drive-in, it starts at 10 AM.  This is not a part of the Friday car show so looking forward to this part of the cars show tomorrow. Saturday show times are 10AM-8PM finishing the day with a pin-up contest. Sundays, timeline is 10AM-6PM. If you are looking for a breakdown of the buildings here they are. Building #4 is the main house showcasing the AMBR contenders, a tribute to George Barris with the batmobile in attendance. The pinstripers are also showcased in building #4. The pinstripers have a charity auction on Saturday & Sunday (check the Roadster site for times) Building #5 Custom Rides, Building #6 has the Motorcycles and bikes along with some amazing show cars. Building #7 is for the Hot Rods. Check out the paint in Building #8 housing the club cars. Building #9 is the Quest for Speed and finally Building#10 The Suede Palace. There are 4 come-back cars in the running for best of show. Chip Foose was making the rounds this afternoon and he was exceptionally nice to everyone who stopped to shake his hand. The Grand Nationals Car Show, worth the ride. Look for photos to be up by Sunday.