Thanks Grand National Roadster Show 2016

What a great show.
The Grand National Roadster Show
did not disappoint.

Well is is raining here in sunny Southern California. At last. Today is the last day for the Grand National Roadster Show. To everyone going, working, and loving the show. Stay dry and drive safely home.

Thanks to everyone at the GNRS for giving us the privilege to photograph the show early. We truly appreciate the opportunity to focus on the rides. Thanks to the NHRA for the morning information and coffee, and for housing a really exciting tribute to car racing.

Finally, the photos are out of the camera. There are a lot, with three cameras going it looks like it may be tough to choose what to put up first. There are so many great car magazines and car sites putting up their photos this week that a little bit of change in how we break-down the show is in work. Not sure how but it is going to be an overview of the car show with the focus on the rides, paint, pinstripers & vendors.

Look for the first take on The Grand National Roadster Show 2016 today.