Huntington Beach Beachcruisers Car Show 2016

Huntington Beach Beachcruisers Car Show March 19, 2016

Nice, I got to the show early, good thing because there was already a line-up and the top tier was full. Found a new favorite spot that showcased The Ranchero and the Q with the backdrop of the California pacific. It was a beautiful day with lots of new favorites. The woodies were out in force, and the car enthusiast showed up for the viewing. This is one of my favorite car shows. You can't top hanging at the beach, watching the surfers and the beach crowd, while enjoying the car show. A vintage surfboard and skateboard swap meet was included with the show making it even more entertaining. With the background of the Huntington Beach pier, the street scene across the street, this show was worth the drive. An amazing array of classics showed up, unfortunately the Ranchero was elusive, would have loved to see more of the perfect little ride at the show. Catch the car show in Gallery/Beachcruisers.

Click on any of the photos for a closer look. enjoy!