Dogs & Car Shows

Bringing your pet to a car show can be a wonderful experience. Yesterday when we went to the Orange Plaza Car Show we never really gave it a thought that an outside neighborhood car show would not allow dogs.

So it got us thinking about dogs and car shows. Not all car shows allow dogs but for those who do here are a few things we can say about taking our dog to a car show.
1. Try to get them to take care of business before leaving for the event.
2. Once we arrive at the venue we walk around before entering the show so any territorial markings can be made before we walk into the show.
3. Jake our Jake Russell could care less about the show, he just wants to be there with us but knowing your dog and how he reacts to other dogs is important so if your dog is edgy, walk past and please do not say hello. We keep an eye on all dogs coming towards us and avoid contact if possible.
4. Never let a dog get close enough to a show car for any reason.
5. Never let your dog get close to any humans no matter how much they want to pet them unless you know who that person is.

Now here are a few things we see at car show that make us a little bit crazy.

Water, always bring a bottle of water and a bowl, we have this fancy thing that is a bowl and bottle in one. How many times have we offered water to a dog owner on a hot day at a car show?

Heat, if the venue is outside, is it too hot for your dog? We always leave Jake at home if it is going to be a warm day and the show is on pavement. Take your shoes off and walk on the hot asphalt. If it is too hot for you it is too hot for your dog.

When we bring Jake to a show we will be attending with the ’65 we always bring bedding, lots of water and treats. We take him on walks and keep him in a shady spot. 

The car show experience should be great for everyone but for any car show to think banning dogs at a community car show is just, please remember that there is an equal equation from the dogs point of view. The air quality of cars going in and out of the venue is well, not so healthy and once the car show is over how many classic beauties leave their mark in the form of oil, gas and radiator leaks?


Jake’s take on Dog Friendly Car Shows starting with The La Verne Cool Cruise. If we know that pets are welcome we will add the above marker to the show in our event calendar. So thanks Orange Plaza Car Show, your car show was fabulous but Jake does not approve.

Look for photos of the Orange Plaza Car Show this week.