Warning: No Dogs at the Orange Plaza Car Show

Orange Plaza Car Show 2017: No Dogs allowed.

Not going to the dogs, the Orange Plaza Car Show.

Got there early to shoot the show without the crowds. This is a great community lined local car show. We showcased the '65 there last year and it was a wonderful event. This year as we were entering into the center of the plaza, one of the show organizers starting yelling at us and another couple that lived here locally that no dogs were allowed, apparently the City of Orange has a problem with dogs, or is it the Orange Plaza Car Show that has the problem? This very rude person made sure we knew it was posted, everywhere, he said as if to shame us with the surrounding car lovers, watching. We saw the municipal sign tied to a post on the way out, maybe they needed a banner, of course ignoring the rude little dude we finished shooting the show, noticing more and more dogs entering into the arena as we were leaving. Hope little dude is making it through the day. So here's the Orange Municipal Code Section 5.72.075 if any dog owners want to know the purpose for this posting: protecting the special pageant against damage, and to assure cleanliness, to protect the City against liability for injuries to persons and damages to property, and for the preservation of the public health and safety. Now we are not sure if the car show organizer needed to be so in our face, he could of just came up to us and said sorry no dogs at the show. What I really want to know is where the sign was saying no kids were placed. We have been to a lot of car shows and it’s not the dogs running their tiny little fingers along the perfect paint job and yes we know what the dog haters are gonna say but our best friend has peed on only a single perfect little red corvette in the 16 years we have been dragging him to these shows and that car was parked on a lawn.

The Orange Plaza Car Show was exceptional but it was not as amazing as any other local car show that lines a city street.  Look for car show photos of the last time we will attend this show, if Jake's not welcome neither are we. Catch a car show and enjoy the ride.