On the lawn: The Classic Car Show

So Cal Car Shows

There is a beauty to a classic sitting on the lawn at a California Car Show.

There are many classic car shows, most are street venues which are great because they usually have a neighborhood vibe but the car shows that line a city park give a perfect backdrop when photographing a car show. The lawn, trees, outside atmosphere especially if the morning is cloudy reduces a lot of the reflection. The park venue also gives the owners an opportunity to single out their ride by parking on hillsides away from other vehicles. You can get some great shots at park driven car shows. This little red ride is sitting pretty at Johnny Carson Park. We are going through years of photos in an attempt to have a better understanding of the car show journey. This photo was taken when we just started shooting car shows. The perfect ride was lost in the file of way too many rides. Bring them back out for a second look. Enjoy your Monday and look for a re-do of some of our favorites from years past.