The Car Show Reflection

Shooting Digital: Reflections from a car show

Background Noise at car shows can be a nice surprise.

Background noise happens with both inside and outside venues.This noise comes in a lot of different ways and sometimes you will not even notice it until you view it on the screen. Background noise is anything that distracts from the car. This can be the crowd around the car, owners sitting beside their cars, reflection of other cars, the crowd, buildings, lawn chairs, food containers, car cloths and cleaners or trash cans that project their image on the high gloss paint finish. Dark cars are the worst so pay extra attention when shooting black and navy finishes. When taking the shot look at the car, can you see anything in the paint? Most car shows have the cars sitting at an angle close to another car. If you can see a car distracting from the shot, try moving from side to side, step back or move close to the ground all the while keeping your eye on the shot.  Sometimes tiny changes can change the reflection.  If you see someone in the paint, wait until they move. If someone is looking in the window wait until they move, if the owners are sitting in their lawn chairs, go low and hide them from the shot. Sometimes just starting a conversation about their perfect ride will give you the opportunity to get them to move away from the shot. Car show owners are here to show off their cars and with a simple conversation you may find some interesting facts about the cars history and get a great photo of the car with the conversation.