Something to remember me by.

The Grand National Roadster Car Show 2018

Today was the first day of the GNRS, it runs until Sunday January 28, 2018. Tomorrow the outside rides arrive so if you still plan on attending it will be a great day for catching history. The Roadster show is one of the best car shows in the world and showcases an incredible class of roadsters. This year something different rode into building 6, The Rolling Bones Gathering, Hot Rods built by Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop out of NY. The classic Roadsters are scattered around the room with different scenes representing the Bonneville experience. They have a shop in the corner so stopped to check out the signed edition of Book of Gow, which stands for gas, oil, water, at least that’s what some say according to the books story-line.

The Book of Gow

Lucky moment, while checking out the book, best part of car shows, everyone is so friendly, started talking to Marty, do not know his last name but he loves this book, so much so, we had to have it and here’s where the lucky part kicks in, he introduces us to some of the book authors and contributors attending the show and they signed the signed edition, thanks Marty. If you get a chance, stop over at Building 6, for the Rolling Bones Gathering, the Book of Gow is worth the purchase, there are only 2,500 copies in print.
More about Rolling Bones Gathering.

If you are going to the show, a few quick get around notes.
Building 4: 15 Roadsters competing for the AMBR, the pinstripers gathering is in the back and will showcase their auction at 3PM and 7Pm.
Building 5: Kustoms
Building 6: The Rolling Bones Gathering
Building 7: Hot Rods
Building 8: 20’s/20’s & Lifestyle Car Club
Building 9: American Muscle
Building 10: Suede Palace