It is always about the ride.

Classic Car Shows

Check out the AMBR showcase.

The Grand National Roaster Car Show is one of our favorite shows. Usually we post all the photos at once and it’s done but this year we are going to break it down to give it at least the importance it deserves. There are so many amazing vehicles that show up at this show that photographing them all is impossible. We have been lucky to secure a media pass and the extra hour to get photos without the crowd is a blessing but the inside lights and the all too familiar stacking of cars as close together as possible sometimes make the shot not that great. We strive to not just show you what was there but to showcase the ride with the best possible image we can get. If there are a lot of distractions in the paint or too many people surrounding the car it just isn’t worth showcasing the photo so this is to explain why some make the shot and some don’t. In the next week look for a little paint, a few artistic vendors, a story about a book and the reason why we love car shows, the rides, it is always about the ride. Enjoy.