The Rolling Bones Gathering at the Grand National Roadsters Car Show

GNRS: The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop

The Grand National Roadster Show is a great way to start off the car show season. This year the flow of photos stopped in the middle of being posted so we have saved the newest addition to this years show last. The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop showcased some awesome history along with their limited edition book, The Book of Gow. The layout of roadsters at the show made the venue look clean and new compared with the usual line up of cars way too close together. The Book of Gow tells the story of the Bonneville racing experience with original artwork, photographs and whimsical personal stories about the rides. There are slide out pages and history every where. This is a great automotive book, catch some of the rides from the show in the Gallery.

98 D Racing in the blood.

 One piece at a time.

The 591

Judy's Ride

Page 210: It was just a simple thing

Thanks to everyone who signed the book!

Catch the signing story-line here.