Pomona Favorites

This weekend is the Pomona Swap Meet.

This is one of our favorite shows, not because the rides are car show perfect because they are not. This is a full blown swap meet for cars, car parts and lots of stuff. It is also a great place to see the good the bad and the cool. It starts at 5AM and ends at 2PM, so getting there early is the key as the parking lot fills up by 7. No matter the time-frame there is a lot to see and bring home.

Pomona Swap Meet Gallery

Car Show Notes for more info on the Pomona Swap Meet and Saturdays Still Saving Lives Car Show.

car-tografi is all about the parts, a breakdown of the components that make the ride from hood mascots to pinstripe details, letting the hounds out with radiator caps is a collection that inspires the Ford.