The LA Roadster Car Show & Swap Meet

The LA Roadster Car Show is this weekend.

Thanks to the Road Kings for another great car show. The relaxed atmosphere was what a car show should be all about. Johnny Carson Park redeveloped landscape unfortunately broke-up the view of the car show with the new overgrown riverbed cutting off the shows visibility of the top and bottom levels but overall it was wonderful. Thanks to all for stopping by. Look for photos of the car show this week.

The LA Roadster Car Show and Swap Meet is this weekend June 15-16, 2018. This show features Roadsters & Hot Rods but there are a lot of other classics that take to the outside parking lot. The swap meet is huge with all kinds of car accessories and parts; it gets hot during the day so bring water and a great pair of walking shoes.


If you are in Pasadena catch the Pasadena Police Father's Day Car Show, Sunday June 17, 2018.