Shooting Digital: The Car Show

The Car Show Reflection

When we first started shooting car shows it was for fun, still is but now that we post the photos on the site going for the best shot is all about timing and the position of the car.

The Road Kings at Johnny Carson Park, early morning, classics parked on the lawn, perfect opportunity to photo the other rides at the show before the crowd arrives. The Ranchero and the Blue Q sitting on the hill top ready for the days activities.

Two different time frames of this Ford Pick Up were taken.

Once early in the AM when the cars were pulling in and once again during the day.

The early shot was perfect. No surrounding vehicles with a great backdrop.

Later in the day the second shot was taken, the venue had filled up and the reflection from the car parked beside the Ford took over the paint.

Shooting car shows are fun, the people the rides the conversations. Getting to a car show early can make all the difference, when the focus is on the ride.


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This weekend catch the LA Roadsters.