Pomona Paint

VW bug at the Pomona Swap Meet June 3, 2018

We beat the heat going to Pomona on Sunday. This swap meet car show was full parking on arrival and there was a great crowd. The venue seems to be working on getting into the parking lot faster and changing up the structure of the car show with new pavement and closing off parts of the entrance for easier walk in. The show had the usual suspects including the Ranchero sitting on a trailer in need of some love. Volkswagens define the entrance at Pomona and this little bug was a colorful ride the camera captured on the way out. The Chevy crew seemed to dominate center court and of course the back-end was filled with an awesome line-up of car club perfection. On the swap meet side there was a lot of stuff for anyone looking for anything. Our purchase a new fire extinguisher for the truck, everyone should have one. Look for a quick over-view of the show this week. Next Pomona Swap Meet is August 12, 2018.

Pomona Parking Tip: If everyone had their $12.00 parking lot fee ready the line to get into the lot would move faster. There is usually no waiting to get into the venue and that fee is $10.00.

Catch a car show and enjoy the ride.