A new format for The Ranchero & The Blue Q

Making some changes

New year and resolutions

Making a few changes for the new car show season, CARSHOWS stay the same but some of the old years will be fading away so if you love the past catch up on the classic car shows because we are taking them on one by one to see if the ride stays or if it goes. We are going to make it easier to find featured post, rides, paint and kustom looks from photos taken from the car shows. The changes will put a better focus on upcoming shows we attend. Everything is still here from Rancheros to Falcons; the pages have moved just a bit. The car show season starts with the GNRS, for some reason the last few years did not make a move so we will be updating the show this week to get ready for the 25th. Sign up to our Car Show Notes for info on other changes to the site

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