The Camper Van Project

Beach Van Restoration

The Beach Van Restoration Project from start to finish: Day 1

This week we purchased a 1987 Ford camper van for morning trips to the beach and an occasional 1-2 night stay somewhere up the coast. A camper van has always been an idea in the making so once the thought of having a nice little ride for a day at the beach came into play it did not take too long to find this Ford Get-A-Way and the best part the price was perfect. First-up checking the engine, electrical, brakes, and suspension, replacing all the hoses, flushing the liquids and adding new power to the windows. It should take a few weeks to get the soul of this ride up and running in perfect condition before the smog check. We have decided on a metallic fleck paint for the exterior so checked out chip color concepts and also gave the automotive interior shop a heads up-thinking about going with distressed leather for the inside, with a Hawaiian theme curtain pillow conversion from the ratty inside it has now. The refrigerator needs a once over, but the wood body interior and compartment spaces are in great condition along with the outside body, which is ding free. The final restoration will be the paint, and then it is off to the beach. Hoping to have it on the road in 3-4 months, will keep you posted.