Camper Van Project Update: Mike Thompson's RV

Getting the once over

Action Auto Wheels 65bbq

Camper Van Restoration Update: After looking at a few RV service centers we decided on Mike Thompson’s RV, first because they repaired our pop-up camper when it was hit next to their shop off the 5 freeway on the way to a camp outing, they did an excellent job and the trailer has never been better. Second, this being camp season most RV centers, including this one, are full of RV’s needing repairs and maintenance for the summer season, so this is without a doubt, the best choice for a complete overhaul having worked with them before. First up, the refrigerator which is in great shape and needs just a fuel line fixed, they are replacing all the belts, hoses, brake parts, shocks, and propane lines and tanks. All electrical, along with heat and air condition, is getting the once over. The left tail light is a little squiggly, and the furnace that runs under the car “yikes” is being disconnected. We ordered wheels from Action Auto, in Cypress before the paint which in a way will be like putting lipstick on a pig. Next step the interior.