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Belmont Shore 2015

Shooting a car shows is a lot of fun.
When reviewing the camera images for the site, some rides stand out especially when luck comes into play, but a car show does not offer the opportunity to see the car with a perfect backdrop. So much noise sits in the way but now and then the opportunity arises, and the shot showcases just the ride. So with Photoshop, the opening to blank out the background was perfect for this photo. It would be nice to give credit to the owner of this bronze beauty showcased at the Belmont Shore 2015 Car Show but meeting the owners when the goal is to get as many classics with the least amount of noise makes that impossible. Thanks for the shot.

Looking for an automotive camera experience check out the GNRS coming up JANUARY 25-27, 2019

October Surprise Ranchero

Classics in the Park

This classic Ford Ranchero was at the Classics in the Park car show October 6, 2018. Customized to meet the skeleton standards this ride was a standout. Every detail from the dashboard to the tail lights was perfection. Check out the other great automotive finds from the So Cal Falcons first car show and enjoy the ride.

Sunday is the Pomona Swap Meet October 14, 2018

Cruisin' for a Cure Car Show is in the Gallery

Cruisin’ for a Cure 2018

Basking in the orange glow.

Over 3,000 classics show up for this car show, so when selecting the photos for the GALLERY we usually go with the photos with the least amount of noise. Getting there early helps to capture the beauty of the ride, thanks to everyone for making this a great car show. Cruisin’ for a Cure is in the GALLERY.