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Pomona Swap Meet rain or shine

More than just a car show

Website Note: Lost photos for GNRS, Cruisin’ Cure, FFF 2018 are back in the CarShow Galley.

Rain or shine The Pomona Swap Meet is this weekend January 13, 2019. The swap starts at 5AM ends at 2PM so best to get there early. If you are looking for a classic car, parts, or just love the swap catch the show.

Hood Mascots from the Pomona Swap Meet 65bbq

Finding the classic at the Pomona Swap Meet

Visuals at this swap meet is amazing, making it one of the best car shows in Southern California, you never know what you may find on the hood.

November Car Tag

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So Cal Falcons Classics in the Park Car Show

Classics in the Park 2018

Falcons in the park. The So Cal Falcons put on their first classic car show October 6, 2018. Putting in all the work is not an easy task so it was great to see the Falcons and Ranchero showing some style. A big shout out to the So Cal Falcon Club for all the work it takes to put on a car show. Looking forward to next year. One thing about car shows are the happy faces checking out the rides. Look for photos of the show this week.

Car Show Notes

Pomona Swap Meet August 12, 2018

This weekend is the Pomona Swap Meet one of our favorite shows, you never know what shows up. Get there early it is going to be HOT! Click on Mercury above to check out past shows and enjoy the rides & the parts.

Pomona Swap Meet August 12, 2018

Car Show Catch Up

Catch up on a car show and enjoy the rides.


Fabulous Fords Forever

Grand Nationals

The Road Kings

Classic Auto LA

Car shows have different vibes but the one thing that always stands out are the rides. Catch up on a few of our 2018 Southern California car shows and enjoy the beauty, the paint, the lines that capture the car show season.