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Finding the Q, what's with the car show photography.

What is this car show thing all about?

In the beginning, this was just a site to show off our 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero because we started taking it to car shows as a daily driver. Photography as a hobby led to photos trapped in the camera with no place to go. Then came the Q. As a classic car website, we like to think that our focus is on the Ford/Ranchero/Falcon car show experience, but there are so many amazing classic cars just in the southern California region the site bloomed to include car shows. Car enthusiast we meet at shows as attendees or as photographers always want to know more about 65bbq site. Taking the opportunity today to breakdown a few places to check out the Ford Falcon, Ranchero experience.

Waiting for the perfect ‘65 Ranchero to come along was worth the wait. Find the story line about the ‘65 here or click the photo above from the Road Kings Car Show at Johnny Carson Park 2019.

Nothing like a great Ranchero only thing better a matching bbq. 

The Ford Ranchero & Falcon Experience



We like to call it the good the bad and the really,
love to put or peeps on the site.

The Ranchero Emblem Collection. Is this your ride?

Dogs love a car show, just make sure to check the weather, especially during the hot California summers. We see dog owners with no water and walking their pets on pavement on hot days, which Jake does not approve of. Find a few of our dog friendly Jake approved shows at events.

Shooting Digital

We are amateur photographers, but over the years a few things we have learned shooting car shows from reflections to best time to shoot a show.

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Tale of two car shows

The Classic Auto Show

The Classic Auto Show, March 2019 was a complete change from the previous two shows at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which was an inside venue. The new arena for the Classic Auto Show was the OC Fairgrounds, which is both an outside and an inside venue, giving this year show a different ambiance.  Looking forward to seeing how this classic car show develops. Photographs from The Classic Auto Show is in the GALLERY.

Classic Car Close-ups

The Car Show

The classic ride draws the camera in to the little things.

Catch a Car Show

2018 and the classic ride.

2018 Car Show Season

Notes from 2018

The Ranchero & the Blue Q was created to show off some of the outstanding rides we come across while attending or showing off the ‘65. This year started as usual with the Grand National Roadster Car Show; we have been lucky enough to be granted a media pass for the past few years and feel honored to attend next year. The GNRS hit all expectations for a car show; the classics that demand attention throughout the venue is extensive. This year we had a fun time meeting with some of the speed innovators and authors showcasing The Rolling Bones. Find out more about their story, outlined in the Book of Gow, which we happily purchased in the post, The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop & Something to remember me by.

Find out more about the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop

The Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop

Something to remember me by.