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Belmont Car Show September 8, 2019

The Belmont Car Show is this weekend.

This classic street lined car show showcases a broad range of fun.
From classic cars to vintage collections that line the streets.
Get there early this car show gets a crowd.

The best part of a car show.

The Nethercutt Museum

There are a lot of things that happen when showing your car at a car show. First the great conversations with the many car enthusiasts that bring their rides out, second the conversations you have with those who stop by to check out the car and for us the blue Q. Every conversation is different, but sometimes they drift to other topics, and one of those topics was the Nethercutt Museum. It has been a while since we have gone to The Nethercutt but now that we know we are sending this out. The Nethercutt Museum has a new coat of paint. This museum displays automotive history and the best part; it is free. Located in Sylmar, California, it is open Tuesday-Saturday from 9AM-4:30 for self-guided tours and if you are looking to be astonished the Grand Salon across the street have guided tours on Thursday-Saturday at 10 AM and 1:30 PM,  the classic rare finds, inside this mind-blowing re-creation of a grand automotive car dealership is spectacular.  Their website says to check on the timeline and suggest reservations for the free tour. There is so much to see at The Nethercutt from rare vintage automobiles, a mezzanine filled with historic radiator caps and hood mascots and the music room bursting with antique instruments and vintage furniture. Photography is welcomed, so bring a camera. Check out past visits to the historic automotive museum at car-tografi where it is all about the parts.

The first set of photos from the Road Kings June 9, 2019 car show will be up tomorrow.  

This weekend is the Roadster Show,  get there early it’s going to be hot.

Good time at Johnny Carson Par with the Road Kings

The Road Kings went to the park

The perfect car show.
The Road Kings know how to put on a show. We got there early to capture the perfect spot under the tress up on the top. In a way, it is almost a story of two car shows with the division of the park split by a riverbed full of overgrown bushes and trees. Cars, parked on a rolling landscape of lawn is always the perfect way to showcase a car show filled with off-the-chart rides. We cooked dogs, meet a lot of amazing car enthusiast, and the Ranchero and the Q never looked better. Thanks, Road Kings for a great car show and to everyone who stopped by, had a hot dog along with great conversation, it was a blast. Look for photos of the show this week. You can catch past Road King car shows here or click the link below.

Pomona Swap Meet June 2, 2019

Pomona Swap Meet and the Dragon

The Artist

Pomona Swap Meet June 2, 2019 has it all going on today.  The camera had a focus on the swap meet side of things along with the Plymouth hood ornament. The beauty of Pomona is that you never know what you are going to find from the classic rides to dragons. Next show is August 11, 2019. Car show pics up this week along with a focus on our dragon swap meet find, Catch a car show and enjoy the ride.

Next week The Road Kings, join us, cooking up burgers and dogs on the Q.

Car Show Notes June 2019

June Classic Car Shows

Missing the Still Saving Lives car show this year but you should not. It is a great show with the LAPD showcasing all their rides. Check out past shows here. For more information on the show click link below or check out our event notes. Heading to the Pomona Swap Meet on Sunday and taking the Ranchero and the blue Q to Johnny Carson Park, meeting up with The Road Kings one of our favorite shows. The Roadsters are making the trek to the Fairplex on June 15-16, this is a two day classic car show, check out past LA Roadster shows and enjoy the rides.