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Pomona Swap Meet August 2019

The Swap Meet

The Pomona Swap Meet was a full house, the lot was full of classics, the swap meet side of things had everything a car enthusiast could find and the crowd was awesome. Most of the camera shots from the show was focused on the hood, two Ranchero’s came into play a great wooden box for the beach van was purchased at the swap meet. Next Pomona Swap Meet, October 13, 2019.

So. California Car Show Events Coming Up.

A few of our favorite car shows are coming up.

Classic Car Event Calendar list a few of our favorite shows. Jake our amazing Jack Russell also breaks down dog friendly shows with the listings. This weekend is the Santa Barbara Woodies at the Beach, which is a dog friendly show. This show sits on the bluffs of Santa Barbara City College campus. It is worth the drive just for the view. Missing the show this year, Jake still not up to long drives but if you’re looking for a great show with a single theme, wood, this the perfect car show. Check out last years show and enjoy the classics.

Check out Woodie Door Panel collection at car-tografi, where it is all about the parts.

Local Car Show: Cars & Coffee Pep Boys North Hollywood

Stop by the local Pep Boys this weekend to pick up some cleaning supplies while Jake our miracle Jack Russell Terrier is on the mend and found a local surprise, a car show; this is a once a month car & coffee meet so will be sure to check it out next month with more information. Jake is doing much better, so hopefully, we will be back checking out the car show rides. This weekend the Mustangs are at Warner Center Park, May 5, 2019 & The classics are at Rancho San Antonio May 5, 2019

Pomona Swap Meet March 3, 2019

Pomona Swap Meet

Rain or Shine

Rain or shine Pomona Swap Meet is this weekend. For more information on the show check out link below.

Pomona Swap Meet March 3, 2019

Pigs are flying at the Pomona Swap Meet

Pomona Swap Meet January 2019

January show was a little loose. Not much on the car show front, could have been the rain keeping vendors and car enthusiast car show light. Overall it is still a great show to wonder around hoping for the perfect ride.

Next show is March 3, 2019.