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Cool Cruise Blues 2016

Cool Cruise 2016, The perfect neighborhood car show.

Get the blues at a car show.

'62 Newport

Chrysler Newport

Pomona Swap Meet is this weekend. One of our favorite shows, hoping to catch the car show. swap meet before the rain arrives.
Added a few new car shows to the CARSHOW listings, looking forward to seeing the Woodies at the Doheny Woodie Car Show April 23, 2016.
car-tografi has a new updated look. If you have not traveled over to our photographic journal check it out. It is all about the parts and showcases the Nethercutt Museum and the NHRA Museum.

Pomona Swap Meet 2016

Pomona Swap Meet January 17, 2016


There is always something at the Pomona Swap Meet that makes it worth going back again and again. Unlike all other car shows you never know what may show up.
Going through photos but changing it up a little bit with a few cover shots of what stood out.  Look for Jeff's Fun Run to sneak into the mix. Next Pomona Show March 6, 2016.

Grand Nationals are coming up end of the month.