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Cruisin' for a Cure 2019 Car Show Notes

Cruisin’ for a Cure

The Ranchero starts the show

Cruisin’ for a Cure was Saturday, September 28, 2019. We took a little under a thousand photos so going through them now for the best camera shots. Walking the car show this year was a lot of fun even though the morning sprinkle probably sent the outside classic car owners into a tailspin.

Tailspin, get it.

Signature Surprise: Kaiser Dragon

Signature Surprise: Kaiser Dragon

Ghosted at Cruisin for a Cure 2019

Anyway, this car show has a lot to showcase from
Rodder’s to “Off the Chart.” 

Taking time to single out a few rides that came into play while shooting the show, so looking forward to a few more classic to add to our tag line: The Classics 


Look for photos to be up sometime this week but no later than Wednesday.

Catch a car show and enjoy the rides. 

Thanks to Debbie Baker for another great show.

October is in the air
Skulls & Bones Collection

Skulls are skulking at car-tografi where it is all about the parts


Catch a car show and enjoy the rides.

The Ranchero and the Blue Q is all about the ride, body and hood. New links have been added to make it easier to catch a few of our favorite Southern California car shows, enjoy!

CoffeyCar Show Notes
Good time at Johnny Carson Par with the Road Kings

The Road Kings went to the park

The perfect car show.
The Road Kings know how to put on a show. We got there early to capture the perfect spot under the tress up on the top. In a way, it is almost a story of two car shows with the division of the park split by a riverbed full of overgrown bushes and trees. Cars, parked on a rolling landscape of lawn is always the perfect way to showcase a car show filled with off-the-chart rides. We cooked dogs, meet a lot of amazing car enthusiast, and the Ranchero and the Q never looked better. Thanks, Road Kings for a great car show and to everyone who stopped by, had a hot dog along with great conversation, it was a blast. Look for photos of the show this week. You can catch past Road King car shows here or click the link below.