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By the numbers: Fabulous Fords Forever 2019

The # 6

Speed showed up at the Fabulous Fords Forever Show


The Ford GT was sitting all alone on the lot when we arrived at the show, best part of getting there early. The Fabulous Fords car show is one of the best shows in Southern California because of the history that comes with this show. From Model T & A’s to Mustangs old and new the show is a great place to find all of the Ford’s line-up. Find you speed and enjoy the rides.

Fabulous Fords Forever at Angel Stadium

Fabulous Fords 2019

American Muscle

The Fabulous Fords Forever April 14, 2019, has a new venue, Angel Stadium. It was a little crazy finding the entrance, but it was pretty organized with lots of staff directing retrospective automotive history. The Model T’s made an impressive showing with Rancheros and Falcons in attendance, which is a rarity at most car shows. Getting there early is always the perfect opportunity to photo the ride with the least amount of noise so photo should be up first of the week. This year we switched to our new updated platform, loosing some of the past years show. 2018-2016 is back up and running, taking a look at the 2015-2013 years for a poster update coming soon.

Fabulous Fords Forever April 2018

Starting the Fabulous Fords Forever with the beginning.

Catch The Mouse at car-tografi.

Catch The Mouse at car-tografi.

Getting to a car show early is great when the ride is more important than the spectators. The only bad part once the spectator arrive is getting the classic without the surrounding noise hitting the paint along with the other distractions that take away from the automotive shot. A lot of really great car photos get lost in the reflection of chairs, people and more so they end up stuck in the camera because showcasing the best of all the photos taken is what we strive for. So if by chance we took a photo, left you with our car show info and your awesome amazing ride did not make the gallery it was probable due to all the stuff that shows up when the photos hits the screen. Overall, this car show is a favorite because it showcases a broad range of Fords. We are starting this historical line of Fords from the Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show with the first models that took to the road and are still moving into history.

Catch The Mouse radiator cap from a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan, at car-tografi where it is all about the parts.

Look for the Falcons and Rancheros to join the line-up tomorrow. Loving The Falcons and Falcon Signatures