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The Ranchero Steer Collection

Collecting Bull

Photographing car shows is a wonderful pastime. The Ford Ranchero is defined by the car/truck experience. The emblem that defines this ride is the steer. Capturing the different qualities this mascot has on the ride showcases how each and every truck creates its own magic. From perfection to rust check out the steer.

All in the family: The Ford Ranchero

The Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show April 15, 2018

The perfect ride is all in the family. Restorations stories are the best part of meeting car show participants. The family classic stored in garages everywhere creates the perfect opportunity to pass down history from father to son. This fabulous Ford Ranchero showcases the pride and hard work it takes to bring a classic back to its envisioned glory. Great to see everyone bring out their Fords for a historical view of the car show experience. Going through all the photos taken, look for them to post this week. Check out last years show, click the pic.


Photos Huntington Beach Beachcruisers Meet Car Show 2018

Beach Cruisers meet up at Huntington Beach

March 24-25, 2018

Taking the Ranchero and the Blue Q to the Huntington Beach Beachcruisers Meet was a lot of fun. The interaction with other car enthusiast, the car show organizers, and best of all the people who came up to take a look at our rig made it worth the drive. This car show is the best of the best, how they pick a best in show has to be difficult. Sad to say there was no trophy for best bbq. We do not get to take the trailer to every car show. The Fabulous Fords Forever is coming up and the bbq has to stay home but it does have one advantage the elusive Ford Ranchero shows up in force. With this said, the two beauties that took the time to showcase their beach cruisers at the 2018 Beachcruisers Meet will take you to the Gallery, just click the pics. Thanks to all the organizers of the Beachcruisers Meet it was a perfect day.    

Photographing car shows is always a pleasant adventure. You meet a lot of people who love the comradery of getting together with one common cause, classic cars. Thanks for making it easy to get the shot.

Special Shot Out: The Longboard Restaurant in Huntington Beach, the oldest building still standing, 1904.

Everyone wants to know about the Q how it came to be, find out more about The Ranchero and the Blue Q and the history of the ride. Don't forget we send extra pics every now and then through our newsletter.

car-tografi is all about the parts. Find hood mascots, flying ladies, pinstriping details. and information on the NHRA and the Nethercutt Museums.

The life of a Ford has many stages

The Car Show vs The Car Show Swap Meet

Car shows have a lot of different venues. There’s the classic community street venue, the in the park on the lawn car show, the big name car shows and then there are the swap meet car shows. Car shows can be exclusive from models to year dates but the one thing most car shows have in common are the classics themselves. Some are pure perfection some are daily drivers but most of them align to the theme of what the car show is all about.  Swap meet cars shows have a different theme altogether, some are exclusive to year dates but most have a different take on what shows up and this is why we love The Pomona Swap Meet. Take the Ranchero and the Falcon; on any given Sunday when they run the show, we may come across a few Rancheros or Falcons in all states of perfection, waiting for a new home by car or by parts. The Pomona Swap Meet allows for the opportunity to see the life of a car from the good the bad and the trailered.  So get out on a Sunday morning and catch a car show, the enjoyment is in the ride.

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