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Pomona Ranchero

The Pomona Swap Meet August 13, 2017

Pomona was a great Sunday morning get-a-way. Picked up some great finds at the swap meet, including a new gas pump. The only Ranchero we came across at the show was in need of some serious love but still had the beaten up beauty we have come to enjoy with this classic truck. Check out the Ranchero, Ranchero Scripts and Ranchero Emblems and enjoy the ride.

Next Pomona Swap Meet October 15, 2017

The Ranchero Steer

The Ranchero Steer Emblem is an great piece of art.

Collecting photographs of every emblem we come across is one of the the best parts of a car show. Finding a Ford Ranchero at a car show is also an art unless it is at the Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show Check out our Ranchero and find a little bit of bull. Thinking of producing a Ranchero emblem poster give-a-way. Look for more info on the poster in our Car Show Notes sending out the first of the month.