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Car Show Weekend

The Mustangs at Warner Center and Rancho San Antonio Boys Town

Car Show Note

Just found out with our registration that there are no dogs allowed at the new venue for the Culver City Car Show. Check out CARSHOWS for info on the show. We're out. Jake loves a car show so it will be missed. Looking for Dog Friendly Car Shows?

Rancho San Antonio & Mustangs at Warner Center 2016

Car Show Weekend

Mustangs at Warner Center

The sweet '63.

Ranchero at Warner Center 65bbq

Did a quick drive-by to check out the Mustangs at Warner Center on our way over to the Ranchero San Antonio Car Show. Perfect early morning. Cars were just lining up when we got there, so not much to say about the show. They had a serious collection of trophies, our pick for best ride.

The Ranchero.

Check out The Rancheo & Ranchero Emblems

Rancho San Antonio Car Show

Rancho San Antonio Car Show

What a perfect day for a car show. It has been a long time since we have gone to this show. Arrived at a perfect time, the crowd was just starting to get in the way of the photos. Caught this Falcon on the way out. Look for photos of the Rancho San Antonio Car Show this week.