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The Road Kings at Johnny Carson Park June 9, 2019

The Road Kings go to the park.

Johnny Carson Park was re-developed a few years back if you look at our archives from previous shows the classics are visible from both levels. Now the riverbed has filled up with trees and brush, so the classic car show featuring the Road Kings has split in two. The lower half of The Road Kings at Johnny Carson Park is in the GALLERY, look for the upper-level tomorrow. Catch a car show and enjoy the ride!

Cars and things at the Pomona Swap Meet June 2019

The swap meet side of things

The Pomona Swap Meet has two sides, the rides, and the swap meet. Divided by the entrance drive-in the swap meet side showcases automotive parts, automotive memorabilia, cleaning materials and other paraphernalia found at swap meets. At the show, you can find the same vendors on the same row in the same space, but the beauty of the show is that you never know what you are going to find from both sides of this car show — looking for a great classic show? Join us Sunday, June 9, 2019, at Johnny Carson Park, it's going to be fun, and the rides are usually off the chart.

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Pomona Swap Meet June 2, 2019

At the Pomona Swap Meet

There is always something going on at the Pomona Swap Meet. Getting there a little earlier than normal paid off but they still need to let everyone know that the parking entrance fee is $12.00 so the line moves faster. The show was great, lots of cars moving in and out of the venue. Car clubs came out with their rides along with a few Rancheros. The vendor swap meets side was all isles full, and the dragon was one of our best finds, along with a vintage flyer wagon. Photos of the June show is in the GALLERY. Look for the swap meet side of things this week along with the metal artwork that goes with the dragon sculpture from the last post. The next Pomona Swap Meet is August 11, 2019, going to the Road Kings at Johnny Carson Park June 9, 2019.
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