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Car Show Notes

The Car Show Swap Meet

Every car show is a little different but the car shows with swap meets are a great double ticket. You never know what you may find, from automotive themed bars and outside furniture to hand made car plaques. The Pomona Swap Meet is a car show with a pretty diverse swap meet along with the Roadster Show at the Fairplex. When checking out car show don't forget to wonder into the swap meet side. Vintage finds and automotive needs are everywhere. The Pomona Swap Meet is this weekend. Sunday March 4, 2018, parking is now $12.00 so have the extra $2.00 ready so not to hold up that very long line.

Pomona Swap Meet Finds

  • Big D: The American Antique Store-Pomona Swap Meet, vintage automotive memorabilia
    Row 23 Space 29
  • The Lone Falcons car plaque: The Zug Monsters-Pomona Swap Meet-They can create anything cool!
  • Bars and outside automotive furniture: Rusted Gold-Pomona Swap Meet-The bars are awesome.

March 2018 Car Shows

Car Show Swap Meets: Automotive Memorabilia.

Car Show Swap Meets, California Style

There is a lot going on at a car show swap meet.

The best thing about a car shows swap meet, the photo experience. There is a sense of order walking the isles, from car parts, memorabilia, vintage tin signs, gas pumps all lined up with something to say. The best part is finding something to bring home. The perfect way to recycle automotive history.

Catch a car show and enjoy the swap meet side of things.
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Swap Meets

Swap Meets are a part of the car show scene.

Signage Woodley Park Mopar Show October 29, 2016. Checked out the Mopar show this weekend,  putting a few of our favs on Instagram. Putting together a few of our favorite pics from 2016, still a few good car shows coming up for end of year Pomona Swap Meet is December 4, 2016.
Car Show Notes: So Cal Falcons is having their cruise and lunch at the Museum of Neon Art November 12, 2016.

Check out a car show and enjoy the ride!

Pomona Swap Meet Jackets

The Pomona Swap Meet is more than the ride.

Look for photos from the June 5, 2016 Pomona Car Show this week.