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No April Fools: Modern Artifacts

Automotive Find: Modern Artifacts

April is here and today is the perfect opportunity to support one of our favorite finds, Modern Artifacts. This industrial art is perfect for anyone looking for neon inspired artwork. Always at the Grand National Roadster Car Show, Jeffery Meyers has a talent, taking the patina into modern influences. Click on the pic above to take a look at his Kustom industrial art.

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Happy Easter & Passover.

New Artist: The Zug Monster Sign Company

The Lone Falcons Club: Members: 2

Pomona Swap Meet: You can find some really cool vendors at the Pomona Swap Meet.
The Zug Monsters got our attention at the last show, so I gave them some artwork and they created this plaque for The Ranchero and the Blue Q. I dropped by their shop to pick up the art work and watched as they completed the final work on my new car club signage. (See The Artist.) You can find them at The Pomona Swap Meet Row 23 Space 37. They have a great website. Get all information on the artist and their shop here. The Artist.
Next Pomona show December 6, 2015. Sending out for powder coat. Color: Black Chrome. Will update when I get it back.

New Artist

Every now and then a new artist will pop up with something whimsical made from car parts.

From photography to car home decor check out The Artist. You may find some wonderful car art hiding in plan site.

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