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October 14, 2018

Pomona Swap Meet

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It was a great show.

car-tografi is previewing THE WHEELS OF POMONA  check out click

Click Pics for close-ups

Click Pics for close-ups

The Wheels from Pomona are previewing @ car-tografi...where it is all about the parts, to view click here.

 The wheels of pomona viewing at car-tografi

The wheels of pomona viewing at car-tografi


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Pomona Swap Meet-not a full house. The parking lot to get in was crazy full but the venue had a lot of empty spaces. Was it the cold California morning? Who knows but the cars that did show up Thanks. Lots of cars sitting on trailers and they were beautiful in all their rusted out glory. A single Ranchero sighting and a few Falcons. Catch the Falcons & Rancheo here and in The Falcon & The Ranchero sections for a full view of the Falcon, Falcon Ranchero storyline.

Enjoy the show!