Pops '59 Ford Ranchero

Pops '59

Cruisin' 4 a Cure Classic Car Show
September 23, 2017

Pops 59 Ranchero 65bbq

The beauty of a car show is that we all get up before sunrise, dust our cars and get on the road, pull up a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy the wonder of a car show. Cruisin' for a Cure is a great show. It is worth the drive, for a really good cause. It saves lives and we can enjoy the ride with the process. That said the Ranchero was elusive. Sitting in the back end of the car show was this awesome '59 almost missed it. Thanks to the owners of the fabulous classic. We never keep the license plates out of respect for the car but breaking the rules. Thanks FOR POP for bringing your 1959 Ford Ranchero out for all to enjoy. Look for car show photos sometime this week. Check out the start of the show on Instagram

Up in Smoke

We had the happy pleasure of shooting Steve Kimmel's, Love Machine for an up coming feature, check out the photos and write-up at Fuel Curve Moving the Needle, thanks Steve, it was fun.

Now that the article is out will be posting some of our favorites from the photo shoot soon! Find out more in our Carshow Notes.

Cruisin' 4 a Cure is this weekend September 23, 2017

Cruisin' 4 a Cure Classic Car Show

A quick look at Cruisn' 4 a Cure 2016

Taking the 65 to the show but leaving the blue q at home this time around. Looking forward to this car show for a cause. There will be over 3,500 classic at the show. Music, vendors and food is also part of the entertainment. The best part of the show is the cruise and all the classic cars. This car show gets crowded so get there early. More information about the show and prices in our Event Calendar. Check out past Cruisin' 4 a Cure and enjoy the rides.

Everyone that has ever touched the 65 is in our CONTRIBUTORS section under GARAGE. CON2R was a great find. They create steering wheels your way from the wheel to the etched horn button. We will be showcasing our new steering wheel at the Cruisin' for a Cure car show, come check it out!
See your there.

Car Shows: Belmont Shore 2017

Belmont Shore Car Show September 10, 2017

The Belmont Shore Car Show is today and thank goodness we got there early. Gonna be hot! The line-up is on the streets at Belmont Shore so it makes for a great shot with the storefront background vs classics cars park too close together for a good photo. This car show gets really crowded so missed some of the rides by the time we left. One thing about city car shows is sometimes the same rides are in attendance so tried to focus on new classic at the show along with detail shots. Look for photos of the show this week.
Cruisin' 4 a Cure is coming up this month September 23, 2017.