Shoot the close up

Shooting Digital: The close up classic.

Shoot the ride in a close up position.

Follow the car show from the back and get the movement of the ride.

Look at different angles of the cars and take the photo to the left or right leaving open spaces.

Mix it up with close-up layers of different classics where the color, finish and lines tell the story

Don't forget the inside of the ride. History, custom design, the little details are often just as beautiful as the outside of the classic car. Catch the paint, panel, dash, steering wheel when photographing the interior. Double check the shot, sometimes adjustments need to be made with the change of light. Always remember to respect the ride when getting close to the car for interior shots.

Catch a car show and enjoy the ride.

Showing a little paint.

The simple paint job on the perfect ride.

There are so many aspects to photographing a car show. The close-up showcases the artistic value placed on the finish. Lines, shades, shadows, all blur into a spectacular pattern when placed together. Find a car show take a look at the parts, the paint, the ride in all its glory.

Finding the Q

Finding the Q in Bakersfield

Not just a trailer.

A lot of people at car shows ask the same questions about the origins of the blue q.

Found in Bakersfield and taken to a friends shop, who happens to be awesome when it comes to creating something from nothing knew exactly how to take the first steps. Thanks Jon.

Looking for the full story-line on the Ranchero & the Blue Q click above pic.

Will showcase more of Finding the Q soon.

Reflection from a car show

Shooting Digital : Sunlight

Shooting car shows outside is always great when the sky is overcast but some of our best shots happen at sunrise. If you are looking to shoot car show details or hood ornaments then the sun can be your best friend. Catching that spark of light just as it hits the metal components of a car is magical. So get to the car show early and catch the sun.