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Pomona Swap Meet
Pomona Swap Meet Decembewr 8, 2019


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The Car Show & The Camera

Shooting Digital

There are a lot of different car shows. Professional venues, street shows, park shows, car runs, poker runs, exotic, pre 70’, mopars, fabulous fords, roadsters, lowriders, trucks, vans, kustom.

Shooting a classic car show is an adventure. When we first started The Ranchero and the Blue Q it was just about taking photos of cars for the fun of it. Taking photographs at car shows is not easy especially because car shows come with a lot of challenges, so here are a few things we have learned about shooting a car show from a truly amateur point of view.

Check out Red Rides.

Check out Red Rides.


An amazing car show for a great cause. This little bit of double trouble didn't make it into the Carshow Gallery. The background was a total distraction, by blurring all the noise the car is given the opportunity to shine. Catch the Notes and find a little bit of beauty, updates on car shows and a quick reminder that The Ranchero and the Blue Q loves capturing the ride. 

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Catch a car show and enjoy the ride.