Hey buddy let me tell you about a ride.

Hiding in the hood.

Something New!

There are a lot of photos that take on a different character when it comes to the ride. Those little gems are usually left out of the GALLERY. When posting photos of classics the whimsical part of a car show can sometimes get left out. So we are adding a new section that takes on the smiles that light up when you see something stand out on the ride, kind of like the blue q. Our Ranchero is a great little truck, the color, stance and ghost flames make it a one of a kind but when the blue q tags along well the smiles break out and the duo take on a new meaning called cool. So we are going back through the archives to showcase the whimsical, the reflections, the beauty of the details that never make it into the car show Gallery starting with this sweet little creature hiding in the hood.

Hey buddy, let me tell your about my ride.  Taken July 2009.

Put the top down and enjoy the ride.

 Convertibles Bites

A second look at archived shots.
The Convertible

In the beginning the classic car had no top. It was all open-air driving, sometime around 1910 that all changed and history put the top down. Click pic for closeup look at just of a few of the beauties showcased on site from the Southern California car show scene.

Let the hound out at car-tografi
where it is all about the parts.