Car Show Swap Meets: Automotive Memorabilia.

Car Show Swap Meets, California Style

There is a lot going on at a car show swap meet.

The best thing about a car shows swap meet, the photo experience. There is a sense of order walking the isles, from car parts, memorabilia, vintage tin signs, gas pumps all lined up with something to say. The best part is finding something to bring home. The perfect way to recycle automotive history.

Catch a car show and enjoy the swap meet side of things.
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Shooting Digital: The Car Show Photo

Car Show: Shooting Digital Notes

First: Get there early

This is not about aperture, speed or settings, this is just little things we have learned when shooting car shows. Every photographer should know the basics surrounding their camera and really we are not qualified to say anything more than what works for the bbq and the final photos we post on the site but we do have a certain criteria. 

1.       Does the car look good?
2.       Is the photo clear?
3.       Is the background noise too noisy?

         There are 3 types of car shows
1.       Inside/Outside
2.       Inside
3.       Outside

Car shows come in all kind of venues. Professional, street shows, park shows, car runs, poker runs, exotic, pre '70, mopars, fabulous fords, roadsters, lowriders, trucks, vans, kustom, drags....

First thing to remember is get there early, the earlier the better, now some will say to get there early or late but late is not an option due to the background crowd noise. Getting to a car show early means you can beat the heat, catch the car show arrival, enjoy the festive atmosphere of the car show line-up and also get the best shots of the car before the crowd noise arrives. Never shoot a car show in the middle of the day unless you are doing it for fun and it is overcast. Getting to a car show early gives the opportunity to play with the light. We like to shoot hood ornaments and car details so a 50mm lens works great. Changing the lens also is not an option. It is not healthy for the camera to have a lot of lens changes because of dust so if you want to shoot with different lenses shoot with different cameras. A 50mm works very well for our car show needs. Shooting with a Canon 6D, Rebel T3i and our old faithful can’t give it up yet 40D with an 18-200mm lens that swaps out with a micro lens from time to time works best for us. We always shoot with a polarize filter to reduce reflections and always shoot with the camera hood up, it protects the lens. Trust us on this one.

Looking for a car show?

Shooting Digital: Things we have picked up photographing car shows.

Photographing Car Shows

There are a few things we have learned taking car show pics.

  Canon 6D, Rebel T3i and our old faithful can’t give it up yet 40D with an 18-200mm lens

  Canon 6D, Rebel T3i and our old faithful can’t give it up yet 40D with an 18-200mm lens

Shooting a car show is an adventure. When we first started The Ranchero and the Blue Q it was just about taking photos of cars for the fun of it. There was no reasoning and there still isn’t, in a way we are just striving for better photos to represent the cars with the least amount of noise surrounding it. Taking photographs at car shows is not easy especially because car shows come with a lot of challenges, so we are putting out a few things we have learned about car shows and the art of catching the ride with a digital camera. We make no claim to being professionals, this is truly from an amateur point of view but in taking a look at the photos we send out, in the hope that you and the owners of the ride will like the final results, we thought passing along a few notes would be fun. This will give an opportunity to reflect on past car show and the journey. At the end of the series we will post the full breakdown but for now, catch a car show and enjoy the ride.


Check out the Love Machine from the
LA Roadster Car Show & Swap Meet
its all about the parts.

So many photos such a good time. The LA Roadster Car Show 2017

Catch a Car Show and enjoy the ride.

Getting to the car show early gave us the opportunity to showcase the show with the least amount of background noise. Working on a few notes on shooting digital and the art of the car show. The Los Angeles Roadster Car Show 2017 is in the Gallery. We broke it down into 3 parts, Building 4, outside roadsters, which is on a slide which you can click or just watch the show which is on a 5 second timer and outside mix-up showcasing roadsters and non roadster rides. There were so many amazing cars we could not post them all so the ones selected are the rides with the least noise in the background. Enjoy the show and looking forward to next year. Don't forget to scroll down and check out past Roadster Car Shows.

At the LA Roadster Show June 17, 2017

The Roadster Car Show & Swap Meet June 18, 2017

There is still time to catch the Roadsters at the LA Roadster Car Show and Swap Meet.  This is their 53rd year and the 37th at the Pomona fairgrounds. Took to the cool with an early morning start to beat the heat on Saturday. Should be hot again today so get there early if you can, show opens at 7AM. The Roadsters are showcased around the Fairplex grounds with a nice backdrop of trees so there is plenty of shade. Heading over to the swap meet you are greeted with non roadster vehicles, find Cadillac, Fords, Chevy's in all states of perfection. The swap meet is filled with car parts, classic cars and past vintage memories, it is a pretty big swap meet so if you are planning to walk around bring water, it is on the pavement. Building #4 houses the 60th Anniversary of the LA Roadsters Club with members rides and memorabilia. The model car competition and vendors are also in building 4 with more vendors and music located outside. The show runs today from 7-4. If you love history don't forget to check out the NHRA Museum. You can get a quick over view of the Museum at car-tografi NRHA.

Look for photos from the show this week.

Fairplex Secret: Hiding in plain site. Do not miss out on the miniature trains across from Building #4. Check it out!

The Los Angeles Roadster Show & Swap Meet

The Los Angeles Roadster Show & Swap Meet

June 17-18, 2017

Car Show Notes

The Roadster Car Show

  • Started in 1957 with pre-1936 Roadsters
  • 1960 Year started the LA Roadster Show
  • Venue: Roadsters, hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, custom vehicles
  • Find: Classic Cars, Swap Meet, Vendors, Food
  • Notes: There is a tram that moves around the grounds, great when traveling to swap meet entrance.
  • Swap Meet: Automotive parts, car memorabilia and more...Early Bird Special Gate 15.
  • Time: Saturday June 17, 2017 7AM-5PM   Father’s Day Sunday June 18, 2017 7AM-4PM
  • Where: Pomona Fairplex, Pomona, California

Price information: Event calendar. Get there early it is going to be hot!