So what is it about the '65?

The lines. The body style is perfect for 2. This ride has a nice V8, pick up bed and jet engine tail lights. It is the perfect utility custom vehicle. Taking this car and making it a great daily driver has been a process. The Shelby drop made all the different in the way it took to the road and gave the front end a nice little drop which defines the car. Adding ghost flames, re-plating the aluminum, new upholstery, and chopping and remounting the seats gave it the finish I had been looking for. Mustang Etc. added the final touch, a new re-built engine. They pressured washed the engine bay, blasted and painted all the brackets and pulleys for reuse, then sent the engine out for rebuilt-it came back honed, decked and machined to spec. They put in a new timing chain and cover, painted the engine block back to the original color black added new gaskets, water, intake, fuel & oil pumps. There are so many parts to the labor they put into the engine that just tightening the valve core hardware can't explain it all. Showing it off for the first time at The Road Kings, Picnic in the Park gave everything a new distinction. Fireman's Choice Award.

Nothing like a great Ranchero only thing better a matching bbq. 


The Re-build

The Blue Q

Take a look at the garage for all shops that touched the ride.