Morro Bay Woodies

Morro Bay shows off some wood.

On the way to catch the Freedom whale watching boat in hopes of getting a glimpse of the humpbacks whales feasting and frolicking of the coast of Morro Bay, the Woodies were pulling into the parking lot for their car show. We didn’t have enough time to capture the show, but we took a few clips before heading off on an adventure. Check out The Morro Bay Woodies Car Show showcased in the Gallery

The Rock and the Whale Tail


Morro Bay is a great little seaside town filled with many surprises.

Sea Otters in the harbor on a Sunday Morning.

CoffeyMorroBay Woodies
Beach Van gets prestige.

Prestige Auto Upholstery was the choice for new interior
and they did not disappoint.


For the past two months, the beach van has been at Prestige Auto Upholstery in North Hollywood. The goal was to keep all the original wood and the stain glass walls. Yes that was original stain glass on the panels. The quilted ceiling and side panels had to go. The seats were in the worst shape, but the back sofa cushions may have been worse. The linoleum floor was a must-go, so everything ended up gutted. Once the wall was taken out for the wood floor, there seemed no need to put them back, which left a beautiful open space. We went with distressed faux leather for seats and cushions, and Prestige suggested replacing the quilting with the leather which at first seemed odd but now it is perfect for the changes we want for the beach van. We went with a lighter color for the suede ceiling, and the choice of Hawaiian prints for curtains will provide the beach van feel we are looking to achieve. A new awning for the outside was put in, but the search for two dressers or nightstands has not materialized. Polishing up the original wood and the search for the perfect rug and pillows should finish off the interior — next step paint. Thanks to the team at Prestige Auto for all the work and their reliability, this was a wonderful experience.