LA Classic Auto Show March 2-4, 2018

The Classic Auto Show is coming to Los Angeles

Catch a car show and enjoy the rides at the Classic Auto Show March 2-4. Last years classic were exceptional and the show did not disappoint. This car show is filled with history, find last years show here and catch up on the rides.

Don't forget the Pomona Swap Meet is March 4. 2018. 2 Car Show weekend.

For more info on the LA Classic check out the Car Show Calendar.

Classic Car Show: GNRS 2018

Grand National Re-Set

Photo Re-Set: In the middle of putting up the The Grand National Roaster Car Show a family emergency stopped the flow of photos so the balance of classic cars are moving into the Gallery for the next few days. Adding to the line up, outside rides, the suede palace and the Rolling Bones Roadsters along with a little information on The Book of Gow. Looking forward to getting back into the car show season and enjoying the ride. Check out the show by clicking on photos or go to the Gallery.

Car Show Notes

GNRS Ranchero on the pavement.

In the middle of putting out our GNRS photos and emergency came into play. This week we are back to posting the remaining photos from the show. Perhaps it is a good thing, the distraction and the pleasure of going back through some amazing rides. Look for the outside venue and the best of the rest starting this weekend.

Catch up on where we started the show and enjoy the rides. GNRS 2018