Car Show Classic

Belmont Shore 2015

Shooting a car shows is a lot of fun.
When reviewing the camera images for the site, some rides stand out especially when luck comes into play, but a car show does not offer the opportunity to see the car with a perfect backdrop. So much noise sits in the way but now and then the opportunity arises, and the shot showcases just the ride. So with Photoshop, the opening to blank out the background was perfect for this photo. It would be nice to give credit to the owner of this bronze beauty showcased at the Belmont Shore 2015 Car Show but meeting the owners when the goal is to get as many classics with the least amount of noise makes that impossible. Thanks for the shot.

Looking for an automotive camera experience check out the GNRS coming up JANUARY 25-27, 2019

On the Hood

The Hispano Suiza

Sometimes loosing photos is worth it. The Hispano Suiza stork was one of the photos lost in the transition to the new format, showcasing it to feature the mascot radiator cap at car-togarfi, where it is all about the parts. The Ranchero & the blue Q is all about the ride where car-tografi is all about the parts taken from car shows where the focus is on the beauty that complements the ride. Check it out.


car-tografi is for the car collectors, car aficionados, car lovers. It is for all the vintage rides, trucks, bikes and trailers in all stages of perfection. car-tografi is for the refined classic, perfect paint job, original parts. It is for the pinstripers, hood mascots, artistic displays and the rusty finish. This is the Jordon, Nash, Packard, Chevrolet. It is the Buick, Studebaker, Lincoln and Dodge. The Griffin, Cadillac, Pontiac, Fords that take to the street, line the grassy knolls, driveways and fairgrounds on hot summer afternoons. This is car-tografi a photographic journal of a car show.  

Pomona Swap Meet rain or shine

More than just a car show

Website Note: Lost photos for GNRS, Cruisin’ Cure, FFF 2018 are back in the CarShow Galley.

Rain or shine The Pomona Swap Meet is this weekend January 13, 2019. The swap starts at 5AM ends at 2PM so best to get there early. If you are looking for a classic car, parts, or just love the swap catch the show.

Hood Mascots from the Pomona Swap Meet 65bbq

Finding the classic at the Pomona Swap Meet

Visuals at this swap meet is amazing, making it one of the best car shows in Southern California, you never know what you may find on the hood.

Welcome to the new format

The Ranchero & the Blue Q

We are changing it up!

Going with a larger page format so the classic can shine. Unfortunately not all photos made the transition so you will not be able to access, The Grand Nationals, Cruisin’ for a Cure or Fabulous Fords Forever car shows. This minor challenge gives us the 2019 New Year goal to re-focus on past shows, so please click around and enjoy the new format and remember that a great car show season is heading into 2019.

Happy New Year

Grand Nationals always showcase a little paint with the lowriders.
Looking forward to this years show.

January Car Shows

Pomona Swap Meet is January 13, 2019.

The Grand National Roadster Car Show January 25-27 2019

A new format for The Ranchero & The Blue Q

Making some changes

New year and resolutions

Making a few changes for the new car show season, CARSHOWS stay the same but some of the old years will be fading away so if you love the past catch up on the classic car shows because we are taking them on one by one to see if the ride stays or if it goes. We are going to make it easier to find featured post, rides, paint and kustom looks from photos taken from the car shows. The changes will put a better focus on upcoming shows we attend. Everything is still here from Rancheros to Falcons; the pages have moved just a bit. The car show season starts with the GNRS, for some reason the last few years did not make a move so we will be updating the show this week to get ready for the 25th. Sign up to our Car Show Notes for info on other changes to the site

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