Fabulous Fords Forever 4/27/14 Photos

 The Ranchero starts the line up. CARSHOW GALLERY

Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show April 27, 2014 is the perfect show for viewing the Ford storyline. This was the 50 year anniversary of the Mustang so the line of Mustangs was strong. Taking over the center parking lot, the Mustangs sent all other classics to the back lot, changing the venues usual pattern of things. The Fabulous Fords Car Show has one great thing going for it and that is the parking structure. All cars are parked by their class. Rancheros, Falcons, Thunderbirds, Mustangs....givings the viewer a great way to look at the Ford line-up from vintage Model T to the history of the Ranchero.

The '65 starts the show in the Gallery. Check it out. Balance of best of CARSHOW PICS through-out the week.