The Beachcruisers Ranchero

Woodies, woodies everywhere

The Huntington Beach Beachcruisers Car Show yesterday was a blast. Always on the look out for another Ranchero, we came across this sweet little ride, perfect in every-way on the street side section of the car show. If there was another Ranchero at the show we missed it. The Ranchero and the Blue Q had a nice reaction as always. Love the smiles on everyone's faces when they realize our Q is a bbq. Going through all the photos taken yesterday should have them up this week. To all we talked with at the show visiting the site for the first time, thanks for stopping by and mixing it up, we enjoyed the conversation. Looking forward to next years show. Thanks to the '72, love your ride.

La Verne Cool Cruise is this weekend. LaVerne Cool Cruise March 26, 2016

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