Weekend Car Shows

LAPD Still Saving Lives Car Show June 4, 2016

The safest place in the valley.

The LAPD Still Saving Lives Car Show was HOT! No justice for those who got there early, they parked us in the sun. 100 + degrees, so skipped the bbq, too hot for hot dogs and burgers, hit the food truck instead. This show is for a great cause so it was worth the trip, look for photos of the show this week.  Check out last years show here.

Pomona Swap

Oh My! Took all of 5 minutes to park and get into the show. What happened? Not sure if it is the heat, a lot of empty spaces but it was still crowded. Had a double car show moment when we ran into Bob with his 1950 Ford Woodie at Pomona, he was at the LAPD Car Show, looking for a buyer for his ride, hope he gets some serious offers, it's a beautiful Woodie in mint condition.

Stopped by to pick up one more bar stool from Rusted Gold, their hand-crafted auto inspired bars and table settings are wonderful for any car enthusiast looking for originality. You can always find them at Pomona, Row 29. For more information: The Artist/Rusted Gold. Next Pomona Show August 14, 2016. View past Pomona Shows here.
Look For Pomona Car Show Pics this week.