Still Saving Lives Car Show June 3, 2017

The 50's showed up at the Still Saving Lives Car Show

Loving the Ford Ranchero is not always easy at a car show. We usually get to most shows early so we can shoot the show with the least amount of people surrounding the ride. Of course this means waiting for the polish up and wipe down that takes another 1/2 hour. It is amazing how much cleaning goes on at the beginning of a car show. The better the ride the more the wipe down. Most cars should be at the show before the car show opening giving a clue as to how many classic will be in attendance so when we found this classic Ranchero tucked in the corner it was a happy surprise. The '63 was just driving in when we were leaving. This years show was not at the park it was at the parking lot down the street. Hot, must have been the word of the day, happy we got there early.  Ken the owner of this ride said it was an old police cruiser and showcased the blinking light show on the back window, looking good Ken thanks for bring your classic ride to the show. We are always looking out the Ranchero. Look for car show photos of the Still Saving Lives this week.